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An inheritance brought her more than she ever could have imagined…

Killeen Ames has it all…beauty, brains, a college softball scholarship and a rich and handsome boyfriend who has helped to stretch her college funds and fill her social calendar. He is the only boy she ever allowed past second base and now he’s her baby daddy. However, being a father was not in his short-range plans. He graduates, then he splits, leaving Killeen to decide what she wants to do about the pregnancy…and to worry about how she’s going to keep her scholarship. With no marketable skills, no job, no home and medical bills for her and the baby on the horizon, she knows she must move forward. A knock at the door of her boyfriend’s apartment changes the game forever when an attorney gives her the news of an inheritance from an unknown dead relative.

After traveling to Austin, Killeen walks into the meeting and is surprised to find out that the relative was actually her birth father, and he had been a popular music star who recently died of an overdose. Even more shocking are the four strangers who share the same absentee dad. He has left them a highly successful private investigation agency, Scandals. The catch is…they have to make the commitment to work there.

Baby Daddy is the first book in the Scandals New Adult series of romantic suspense. Each book of the series will focus on one of the offspring of Roger Elliott, a famous musician who left them with a legacy they weren’t expecting.


Kathy Clark takes us into the minds of young adults just beginning to deal with the realities of life. Killeen Ames has recently found herself pregnant and alone. As with many young adults in this situation, she faces a scary and uncertain future, as she wonders if she will lose her scholarship, and how she will support herself and a baby. With no one else to turn to, she begins to map out her plan day-by-day. Yet, an unexpected knock at the door brings life altering changes that will revolutionize her entire world.

Almost like winning the lottery, when Killeen learns she has other family members and an inheritance that her mind cannot grasp, she straps on a powerful and independent attitude, guaranteed to see her through any ordeal. Ms. Clark gives us a behind the scenes look at the inner operations of a private investigation firm. The dangers, the thrills, and the secrets that go into making these operations successful are exposed. She also peeks into the music industry and provides insight into the scandals, the lies and manipulation artists must deal with.

We get a peek at some of the characters to come in the rest of the series and you can't help but fall for them, too. Ms. Clark serves up the mystery, suspense, romance, and drama rolled up in one. I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I rated this book a 5 - On Fiyah! (Rating System)

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