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Alicia was cleaning up after breakfast in the little kitchen that Christmas morning when someone knocked on the door.

“I’ve got it hon,” Charles called out from the living room.

“It’s a policeman at the door, Mommy,” CJ ran into the kitchenette to share.

“What does the police want, Mom?” Chelsea asked, her eyes widening.

Alicia’s stomach was tightening in knots. She couldn’t know what a policeman would want with them, especially on Christmas day.

In answer to Chelsea’s question, Charles stepped back inside the door closing it behind him. “Hey y’all, everybody get dressed, we’re leaving,” he announced.

 “With the policeman?” Why?” “Where are we going?” all of their questions came tumbling out at once.

“Alright, everyone calm down, I’ll answer your questions one at a time. Yes, we’re leaving with the policeman; because he asked us to; and we’re going to a brunch, your boss, Amber, invited us to.”

“But we ate already dad,” Chelsea replied.

“Well I’ll eat your part if you don’t want it,” CJ cracked.

“Honey, I’m sorry. I told her that we would be fine. I don’t know why she’s insisting. Look, I can call her up and—”

“Nope. We’ll be fine, we’re gonna go and have a good time. Besides that police officer out there,” Charles said, pointing over his shoulder towards the door, “he won’t take no for an answer. He’s Amber’s husband, Ed. He says he’s not leaving until he sees us pulling out the lot, and he’s gonna escort us and make sure we arrive.” Charles chuckled.

Twenty minutes later they were wiping their boots off on the welcome mat on the porch, and ringing the doorbell.

Ed stepped onto the wraparound porch of the brick home, and squeezed between them all and opened the door.

They stepped inside the lobby and the children gazed at the beautiful wooden floors. To the right there was a mahogany stairwell with beautiful hand carved handrails. To the left was a living room with a Christmas tree standing about 8 feet tall. Decorated with big blown glass ornaments, glistening bows, and an African American angel on top, smiling down on all who stood in her presence, the tree dominated the room.

Presents large and small poured out from underneath the tree. The mantle over the fireplace held another handmade wreath, and plenty of other decorations.

“Ahhh…you’ve got to kiss her, because you’re standing underneath the mistletoe.” Amber came wagging her finger back and forth. She had silently appeared from somewhere in the back of the house greeting them in a singsong voice. Alicia guessed it must have been the kitchen.

“Hi! Merry Christmas,” Alicia greeted her boss.

“Merry Christmas to you, too. Now turn around and kiss that fine hunk of man of yours.”

Ed laughed in the background. “If you know like I know, you’d better listen to her.”

“Yes, you better listen to her,” Charles teased, getting in the Christmas spirit himself.

Alicia smiled at her husband as he bent his 6’3 frame down to her 5’5 height and planted a kiss on her lips. Wrapping his arm around her waist he pulled her in closer, and whispered “Merry Christmas” against her lips.

“Eewww…that’s gross,” came CJ’s reply.

“Grow up, that’s what grown-ups do, little boy,” Chelsea remarked, lightly shoving her brother on the arm.

The adults around her laughed and suddenly “Merry Christmas” rang out all around them. Alicia pulled back in embarrassment from her husband, and Charles looked up at the crowd around them.

“Merry Christmas Alicia, Charles, Chelsea, and CJ,” she stated handing a set of keys to Alicia. Susan grabbed Alicia in a quick hug, released her, and then turned to Charles and shook his hand.

“Those are the keys to your new home,” Mayor Perkins spoke up.

“But…but…but I don’t understand. What new home?” Alicia questioned.

“Honey, this is your home. It belongs to you, Charles, and the kids. It is mortgage free and it’s all yours and just needs your loving care if you’re willing to give it,” Amber explained.

“But how? When? I don’t get it,” Charles was also speechless.

“Every year in the town of Pristine, we choose a family to bless. So this year, we’ve seen your struggles, how you’ve tried to hide it, and how you’ve kept rising. But no matter how hard you tried you’ve been knocked back down again and again. We knew you were renting and your landlord has wanted to give up his properties since moving out west. So, we got a local construction company to donate time, materials, and labor towards the building of your new home earlier this year. Many of the town’s wealthier citizens pitched in to cover other costs and here you are,” Susan exclaimed, clapping her hands together.

“We’ll have your things moved in by this afternoon,” came Eli’s voice from the hallway.

Charles’ mouth dropped open when he spotted his brother. “You were in on it too?”

“Yeah man. And it was hard keeping things from you.”

Alicia stood with her hand over her mouth and couldn’t hold on any longer. The tears came flowing down her face like a river. Charles pulled his wife close in his arms and then pulled his son and daughter in tight together, basking in the warmth of Christmas love.

After giving them several moments Ed could take it no longer. “Son,” he said, to CJ.

“Yes sir?” the little boy looked up in awe at the police officer.

“Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if you and your sister didn’t open your gifts under that tree there,” he said in his deep Southern drawl and beamed a warm smile on the boy.

“They’re ours?”


“Alright!” he shouted.

“OMG! You’re kidding right?” Chelsea let out the first signs of glee since moving to Pristine.

“No little miss. Those belong to you and your brother.” Ed shared.

“Well CJ, I guess there is a Santa Claus after all,” Chelsea remarked.

“Nope…Jesus Christ was kind enough to share His gifts with us today.” CJ replied.

“You’re right. Santa gets all the credit. And it’s because of God’s grace we’re here today.”

All the adults laughed and a few Amens and Hallelujahs rang around the room. Alicia tugged on her husband’s arm. They were standing underneath the mistletoe once again. “Merry Christmas Charles.”

“Merry Christmas, Alicia,” Charles replied and kissed his wife.
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I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas today. I pray your day is filled with joy, blessings, love and peace. God bless you.
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By: C. Michelle Ramsey 




  1. I thought for sure I had commented but I'll do it again. :) This is by far the best Christmas short story I have EVER read. I loved, loved, loved it and I think you should submit it for publication. It is so wonderful.. Just loved it.

  2. Mimi,

    I just received notification of this comment! Thank you sweetie. Everyone was publishing their Christmas stories and getting them out there. I just wanted to share a little gift that would hopefully inspire or lift someone's spirits this holiday season. Thanks as always sweetie for your support. I really appreciate you. :) I enjoyed writing and sharing it. I hope others enjoyed it, too. :)


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