Thursday, July 18, 2013

When I think of simpler times, I think of my childhood. I recall my parents telling me, 'you think you have problems now...just wait until you grow up, then you will really have problems.' Those were simpler times when my worries consisted of, what am I going to wear to school tomorrow; I don't have anyone to play with because no one is at home; or such-and-such is mad at me.

When I think of simpler times, I recall summers when my friends and me would walk to Grant Park to swim at the swimming pool (I couldn't swim). But just being near the pool and in the park made me feel so alive!

When I think of simpler times, I think of my mother and father loading us up in the car and driving to Stone Mountain, Grant Park, or Piedmont Park to have a barbeque. We would unload all four of us (me and my three younger brothers)from the back seat. The boys would go running wild around the park, bursting with the energy they had tried to contain when they were confined to the seats we were squeezed into. I would go to the trunk and help my mama unload the blankets, and coolers. My daddy would get the grill and charcoal to carry, to some as of yet undetermined spot of grass. It still amazes me at how much we could store in cars back in the 80's, and now everyone has to have an SUV to take a family anywhere.

When I think of simpler times, I recall being a teenager in the late 80's and early 90's going to the malls and downtown Atlanta to find 'cute boys.' My best friend and me would spend hours in front of a mirror doing our hair, and changing clothes countless times before we deemed one another ready. Then we would hop on a Marta bus to go into town to see what we could see, or to be seen. The crazy part about it was, I would take my glasses off and put them into my purse, so I could be 'cute.' I was blind as a bat and couldn't see nothing, and would have to follow my friend's lead. I was super excited when I got my first pair of contacts.

Ironically taking my glasses off to find a good looking guy that would be interested in me, is not how I landed my husband. He met me at work. I had lost one of my contacts, and reverted back to wearing my Mr. Magoo glasses. He thought I was beautiful then, and he still thinks so now...with or without the contacts.

When I think of simpler times, I recall sitting on my couch this past weekend working on a story for a writer's group, and my children were lying beside me, and on the floor by my feet watching TV. They had placed some old DVD's in that we purchased for them before they became "tweens and teens." Or I think of spending hours in the back yard cleaning the yard and the pool with the kids, while my husband was at work, just so we could surprise him.

Yes, I love the simpler times...simpler times of days gone by, and the ones we create today.


C. Michelle Ramsey


  1. When I look back at the times when I was young I remember such good times with my identical twin. Oh. how times have changed. Anyway I am fighting on and trying to find peace and happiness despite life's hard knocks. All the very best with your writing. I am a new Follower of your blog. Have a great weekend.

  2. Judy I cannot imagine the loss you've experienced. I can only imagine it's like missing an important part of who you are.

    I pray for your strength & peace to keep moving forward; and the ability for you to find happiness. Welcome to Writing My Dreams, and I hope you pursue yours as well. You also have a great weekend. :)


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