Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We all experience great challenges from time to time; more often than not the hardest part of the challenge is all in our minds "a figment of our imagination." These challenges can bring a halt to everything you are pursuing, like a big stop sign ahead.

My great challenge? Deciding what to do regarding my book cover design for a book that is scheduled to be released two months from now.

My dilemma is what route should I take with designing the book cover, for a book that is complete aside from editing? I requested feedback from other authors in FaceBook groups I belong to and the answers varied. The options are as follows:

  1. Hire a photographer to take a picture to use and submit it to a book design company
  2. Hire a graphic designer to design the picture and book cover
  3. Use free pictures from the royalty free stock photos available online
  4. Purchase a picture from one of the stock photo sites and use with a book design company
  5. Take our own pictures to submit to the book design company
The difficulty with most of these options is that when the pictures are free and not of your own design, you run the risk of seeing another book with the same cover image. This is the problem I had with my first book Reflections of Promises. Imagine my disappointment when I saw another book with the same exact cover, a cover provided to me by my publisher no less!

Hiring a photographer and graphic designer can be expensive; however, we can ensure our picture is our own and there's limited possibility someone else will have the same image.

Taking our own pictures guarantees that we won't have a duplicate image on the book cover. The challenge in this lies in deciding, should it be submitted to a book design company, or should we purchase our own software to make the book cover?

My second book's cover was designed by my husband and me; however, we did not have the software to make the image just right. We simply uploaded our picture into our publisher's site and added the text. There were no options to edit the image at all. While I am proud of the book cover for the second book, I realize there is so much more that my book's cover can bring to the table. At this time I am praying for guidance that we make the right decision and we never have a moment's regret over the final decision.

The second challenge is determining the perfect picture for "Is the Grass Really Greener?" other than the obvious fence and grass. Suggestions anyone? I am open to any and all.

What indecisive moments have you had and what if anything did it cost you, or what did you learn from it?

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By: C. Michelle Ramsey

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