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Yesterday I gave readers and followers free downloads of Reflections of Promises, in honor of its 1 year anniversary.
Today we take a look at one of the main characters from the book in a pivotal scene. He's the character everyone loves to hate. I have received much feedback on how Jared easily angers my readers. Whether they relate to what he sends his wife through, or just the despicableness of his actions; women readers tend to have a hostile reaction to this character.

A professional and well respected therapist, image is everything to him. He has his trophy wife, a beautiful home, and an esteemed career; however, he is missing one thing. He wants children to round out his vision of the perfect family life.

A professional licensed social worker and director of youth and teen behavioral counseling services, at All Haven an outpatient medical center, some would say Jared needs counseling of his own. His handsome features, and smooth fa├žade draws the ladies in.  But what repulses his wife, is the monster he becomes behind closed doors. Patricia endures his constant affairs and domestic violence, not allowing it to be the reason she leaves him. But with his desire to have children, comes the threat that her hidden past will become unveiled. Will it be the catalyst for her escape?


As time wore on Pat got used to Jared’s incessant mood swings.  But then he began to beat her as well.  He hit Pat when he was too tired, when he was stressed out, when she talked back (as if she were a child), and whenever he just felt like it sometimes.  And then there were times that he was just wonderful.  After their 3rd year of marriage, Jared wanted to have a baby.  They tried for just over a year when he came up with the idea of having a baby through a surrogate mom.   

Pat was uncomfortable with the idea, because she wanted a child that had been created by her and her husband.  Jared explained to her that they had what was called “gestational surrogacy,” and that she could donate the eggs along with his donated sperm in order to create a child that would be genetically both of theirs.   

“Jared, I know that science can do all of these wonderful things, but…I want a baby that I can carry in my womb; a baby that I can bond with while he or she is in there.  I want to feel that baby kicking, and poking me in places that I didn’t know existed.  When that baby comes out, I want to be the one pushing it out of my womb.  I want to experience the labor and delivery pains.  I don’t want to feel like some 3rd wheel in a show between you and another woman.”   

“Oh…so this is what this is all about?  You don’t really want my baby…you just don’t want to share my attention with another woman.”   

“Jared…please…can’t you see it isn’t that?  I know that you love me and I don’t feel like I would have to share you…”  

“Then what is it Pat?”  

“I told you, I want to bond with that baby…I want to feel it growing inside of ME.” 

“Me…me…me.  That’s all I’ve been hearing since we first started talking about a baby.  What about me Patricia?  Don’t my feelings count in this at all?  Or because I’m just the father, I don’t have rights?”  

“No baby, that’s not what I’m trying to express,” she said crawling to the other side of the bed to caress his back where he lay on his side away from her. Why did the simplest conversations have to turn into arguments with the two of them? 

“I think it’s very important that we stand in agreement on this, I want you to be happy Jared…I,” 
“There you go again!” he shouted sitting up in the bed and pulling away from her.  “I…I...or me.  WOMAN CAN’T YOU GET PAST YOUR OWN SELFISH DESIRES?!”  Jared got up from the bed, walked into his closet, and grabbed a pair of jeans from a hanger.   

“Baby...what are you doing?” Pat called out to him. 

“What do you mean what am I doing?” he sarcastically asked walking out of his closet, “What does it look like?  I’m getting dressed so I can get away from you!”  
“Jared please don’t leave…where are you going to go at this time of night?”   

"Don’t worry about me…I’m sure that you have enough to do worrying about Patricia.” Jared grabbed his coat and began to walk out of the room towards the stairwell.  Patricia grabbed the crook of his arm, just before he cleared the doorway.  

“Please come back…we can talk about it…Jared…” Patricia whined, just as she felt a stinging blow to her face.  
He had struck her so hard that she landed hard on the floor, bumping her head on the edge of a cherry wood table to the right of the doorway. 

Jared turned away from Patricia to keep going down the hall to the stairwell.  Patricia lay on the floor crying, curled up in a ball, and shaking.  All she had to do was go along with his plan; and he would still be lying in the bed next to her.  She didn’t know when she would ever learn to keep her mouth shut.


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By: C. Michelle Ramsey

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