Thursday, June 20, 2013


I've shared many excerpts and reveals of the female characters from my books over the course of time. I've not solely focused on a male character. I think one special character deserves that focus this week.

Former street thug, he was always true to the streets. But he understood a truth many of them did not...the streets don't love no one. During the time that he lived by the code, he gave it his all until there was nothing left to give. He counted his losses and packed it up to go legit. But if you know anything about a real thug, a brother that was baptized in the fire of the streets, you know he will always remain true to who he is, he will always abide by the code, whether he's in corporate or in the streets.

And now I present to you Mr. Savion Smith from Real Secrets:

Savion wasn’t dumb. When he placed the call to Tamara’s house and another man answered, he decided to ask for Chris. He wasn’t sure if it was her man, but he had a gut feeling that it was. He couldn’t understand how another man would allow his woman to take her clothes off for other men. But once again, he knew that he wasn’t God; and he wasn’t trying to judge Tamara or her man. That was the reason Savion would not commit himself to a relationship. He cultivated friendships with women, and satisfied his natural male nature, but he refused to play the games women expected men to play, all in the name of love.

He never led a woman to believe that he was committing anything to them. He let them know up front that they were friends, and that he did want to have sex with them, but that did not mean they were exclusive. Although Savion had several female friends, he always practiced safe sex. But he didn’t know what it was about this woman that aroused more than his physical nature; and made him want to sacrifice all he held dear, regarding the rules of his life.

The streets had not taken his life during the 11 years that he had been in the game; and he wasn’t about to sacrifice his life, over some damn woman. But he had to know what it was about her that made him feel the way that he felt. And just thinking about the fact that she had a man, made him miserable. He slammed his hand down on the glass table that stood on a marble stand in his den. He quickly wiped up the coffee that spilled, from the little mug on his table with the words “Done Deal” engraved on the front in black lettering. His boy Ivory had brought it for him as a memento the day that he went out of the game. 

As his thoughts wondered back to Tamara, he reminisced over the reason that he had been so cautious when it came to females. He had spent 3 years in a jail for assault and battery, from the time that he was 19 to 21 years old. He and his then girlfriend Brigitte had been in a relationship for 8 months, before she finally consented to having sex with him.
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By: C. Michelle Ramsey


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