Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today I am giving away free copies of my book Reflections of Promises until tonight in celebration of it's first year anniversary. So please join me to download your free copy today only.

*As a side note let me say I have learned a lot throughout my journey. This book (being my first published novel) was not edited and does have a few formatting errors, I apologize in advance.

Seventeen years ago the thought of my work being shared with anyone else terrified me. The fear of failure, judgment, and negative comments kept me in hiding. I continued down this path until 2011, when at the encouragement of my husband I shared my work with people who did not realize it was mine. The comments, praise, and admiration for my work filled my heart to overflowing with joy. Could I really engage and entertain people with the thoughts flowing through my mind?

I didn't know, but it seemed as if there might be potential for me to do just that. After receiving reviews for my unpublished work, I embarked on the journey to become a published author. On June 26th my book became available on I didn't discover it until 2 days later on the 28th of June, which happens to be my wedding anniversary. I wanted to shout out to the world, but I had no clue about marketing, and I didn't want to overwhelm anyone else. So again I hid. There was so much to learn, so much yet undiscovered. There would be many disappointments along the road (because of my lack of action), as well as achievements. I have not regretted one moment of this amazing journey. I continue to grow as an author and learn from other authors along the way daily.

So I would like for you to help me celebrate today. It's not only my 10th wedding anniversary, but also the first anniversary of my first published work "Reflections of Promises." I am offering a free copy for download today only. So go ahead and click the link below for your free copy. I would love to hear your feedback and I hope that you enjoy the story I have to tell. I only ask that you write a review on amazon when you're finished.

Sometimes we make choices to avoid drama in life. But what happens when the road we take becomes the road that brings us face to face with it? Patricia Allen-Coles is a career woman, hell-bent and determined not to struggle and live a life of poverty and desperation. A UC graduate armed with her Masters she has claimed a new life and identity for herself. Running from her past, she has just begun to realize all of her dreams. But will the past catch up to her?

The handwritten note mysteriously appearing in her mailbox sends alarms throughout her and triggers a series of events she is not prepared for. She had worked carefully to conceal her past, yet somehow the rules changed and the barriers have been broken. Patricia must determine if she is ready to reveal the truth. As she balances the scales of right and wrong, she must finally face the destruction she has caused.

Reflections of Promises is a tale of deception and betrayal that will take you on a fast-moving emotional journey that invokes passions deep within from page 1. When foundations are built on untruths, and cover-up, can everything that appears to be solid still stand?


Please be so kind as to leave a review on AMAZON for me. You can find the link to write a review for Reflections of Promises here:


By: C. Michelle Ramsey


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary and your bravery in getting published. Best of luck

  2. @ Carole...thank you. It's been an amazing journey and as I work on releasing my 3rd, I'm looking forward to growth and blessings along the way. :)


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