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After his blockbuster success of Little Black Girl Lost, and Little Black Girl Lost II Keith Lee Johnson takes us back to 1950's New Orleans, into the world of betrayal, envy, lust, and murder, where everyone has ulterior motives. The past resurfaces in this third installment of the life and times of seventeen year old Johnnie Wise. Truth has its consequences and Johnnie has a lot to answer for.
The innocent girl we met in the first installment of this compelling series is gone; all that remains is the self-absorbed, self-righteous courtesan who is now complicit in three murders. She is surrounded by enemies who will stop at nothing to see that she pays for her past indiscretions. Two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars of the money that Sharon Trudeau (Johnnie's Stockbroker) stole is missing--the money Bubbles gave to Johnnie after killing Sharon in a Fort Lauderdale Hotel. The cops think Johnnie's involved and they want answers. Someone has to answer for Sharon's murder. Will Johnnie land on her feet again? Or has her luck finally run out?

Keith Lee Johnson's third installment of the Little Black Girl Lost series answers the questions that left you intrigued by the second installment, and quenches your thirst for more. The seventeen year old street-wise Johnnie Wise is now wanted for three murders. When the Caucasian residents of New Orleans began demanding someone be held responsible for the murder of Sharon Trudeau, Johnnie's name comes up for auction. However, Sharon's murder is not the only one Johnnie's name is linked to. It seems that wherever Johnnie goes "people come up dead." And now the good ol' people of New Orleans desire blood again and they're willing to get it at all costs.

Keith does a wonderful job of showing how your past can catch up with you and nothing is ever buried for long. In this installment Johnnie will be held accountable for decisions she has made in her past, whether right or wrong. As she attempts to learn more about her "white side of the family," she soon realizes there are more skeletons in the closet than she'd care to know about.

Johnnie will also realize how out of control her life has become. Learning to use her body to get what she wants in life is finally going to cost her more than she ever imagined. With her relationship to Lucas on the line, several men are lining up to have their chance with her, and all of them are doing it in the most conniving way imaginable. She will come face to face with her tormentors and began to make life changing decisions.

I enjoyed this book because it brought the reality of how easy one poor choice can turn our lives upside down. And no matter how much we desire to regain control sometimes it's impossible because to put it in my husband's words, 'we cannot see beyond our choices.' A friend of mine stated that she was "tired of the little black girl," referencing the series of books about Johnnie. While I did enjoy reading this book, I must agree...I don't think I'll read the remaining books in the series.

I rate this book a 3-Holdin' It Down. To see further commentary on my rating scale, please click the "Book Discussions" tab up top.
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