Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zion's Road

Based in Tullah Springs, Mississippi, "Zion's Road" is a short story that takes on the controversial topic of racism. Speaking from the point-of-view of Harold T. Smith, author Imani Wisdom takes readers down the road of one man's life journey, detailing how he became a racist and how the anger and hatred in his heart grew from something beautiful into something deadly and poisonous.

Harold Smith is lounging in his front yard reflecting on how the small town has changed through the years and not all in positive ways as the town has embraced the changing views of the world. Harold is outraged over the fact that the town now has an African-American sheriff, deputy-mayor, and school superintendent. A member of the KKK, Harold is proud of his heritage and does not like anything that jeopardizes the way he sees life or his place in it.

While relaxing in his front yard, he suffers from what appears to be a stroke that takes him on a journey through his life. This short story defines the intolerance and injustice that can arise from ignorance, misunderstanding, and hurt and pain, while answering questions that provide a more in-depth look into the main character of the story. Harold is led on his journey by a young African-American boy named Thomas; Harold is at first resistant to go with the little boy, but when he encounters the evil that will overcome him if he does not go, he chooses to follow along grudgingly. Throughout his journey he meets up with old friends and family members who have been dead for several decades at this point. As Harold faces the truth about himself, he must deal with his past prejudices and behaviors. He will also uncover the actions of those most trusted by him, which ultimately changed the course that his life took. Nearing the end of his journey Harold must determine if he will have a change of heart, or if his beliefs are right after all.

This short story is powerful and will touch the hearts of even the most hardened readers. Ms. Wisdom does an excellent job of depicting a tale of faith and potential redemption in the face of adversity. Her characters' stories will enthrall you and the outcome is not only unimaginable but will leave you with tears in your eyes. I recommend this story to anyone who is looking for an engaging read and a story about love, hope, and redemption.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review. I'm humbled and honored. Your accounts of the storyline is spot-on! I don't know if I could write a review for such a short story as Zion's Road, but you did it perfectly.

    Again, thank you for the taking the time to read my book, and sharing your thoughts with your readers. This story is not the end, but the beginning. There will be a prequel coming this summer, and it will go deeper what Zion's Road is and its important characters.

    1. Thanks Imani for those words. This book was absolutely amazing...so much so that I didn't want it to end. I typically stray away from short stories, but I genuinely encourage anyone who has not read the book to take the time to read this book. It is a wonderful read and it definitely touched my heart. You did an amazing job and I wish you the best with your upcoming prequel.


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