Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Although I am not quite back in the saddle yet, I am still moving ahead. As you all may know my lovely laptop let me down, but I am working on and looking forward to her replacement. Despite the fact that I no longer have her I finished my last two and a half weeks of school, and I have my MBA in HRM! In the words of London Tipton (Suite show)"Yay Me!"

Thanks to a suggestion by fellow author and wonderful informal mentor Chicki Brown, I researched and purchased a word processor. My new friend the Dana Alpha Smart allows me to continue creating my "words of art." I can create stories, add contacts, schedule appointments and so much more. The wonderful part about this new companion is Dana is very portable, lightweight, and hooks up to a computer allowing me to transfer my data.

So while you may not have heard from me, and I may be slowed down, I am not MIA. I am being uniquely me moving ahead, and working on my next masterpiece. 

Thanks Chicki for continued support, and my fellow bloggers for moral support. Mimi and Maya I really appreciate you two over in the cheering section. Your words mean a lot. And to my wonderful husband and kids, I couldn't do it without you.

Just A Piece of This Writer,

C. Michelle Ramsey


  1. I am so happy my recommendation worked out for you! I had never heard of the AlphaSmart until a few years ago at a Georgia Romance Writers meeting. A few of the women had brought theirs to take notes. Right after the meeting, I went home an ordered one from eBay. It's still my backup if I have computer problems. :D

    1. I am loving it and I thank you so much as always for your guidance and advice. The AlphaSmart is definitely handy and easier to carry around than a laptop. :)


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