Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sometimes we have to make changes in our lives to reflect where we are currently at or where we are hoping to head to. If you look around in your life and realize restraints are being imposed on your growth because of choices you have made, it's time to change those choices. I'm not suggesting that you make those changes to the detriment of others; you also need to be responsible for the choices you made and the affect they have in the lives of others.  I am merely suggesting that you change the areas that you can that will allow room for growth. These changes may come in the simplest form, such as changing your study habits, or the way you perform your duties at work; to a more profound change, such as changing a group of friends that don't have your best interest at heart.

If you have been looking for spiritual growth and you spend a lot of time watching reality shows on TV. It may be time to change that habit. You may want to spend more time watching spiritual or motivational messages, reading inspirational books, praying and surrounding yourself with others who are in an elevated position in life that you are striving to be. If someone is continually putting you down and degrading the person you are as well as your talents, you may not want to be around him or her anymore. Consider the negatives and positives of having this person around and then make your choice. If your website is no longer meeting your business needs, you may need to make some changes to that site or look for another provider who is better equipped to meet those needs.

Sometimes the changes can be something as small as changing the way your office furniture is positioned for a smoother flow and maximum performance, to something great like changing your physical location (e.g., work, home, city, etc.). Whatever is hindering your growth today review it carefully, reflect and determine what changes would be instrumental to enabling you to be more efficient, achieve your objectives, and living to be the best that you can be.

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  1. Hi Michelle, I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to pay you a "visit". I am with you on changing channels. I am a firm believer the fact that we are a direct product of how much time and energy we invest into a thing. If I don't invest time in learning how to be the best guitat player for instance, I can't expect to ever achieve that OR blame someone else for not allowing me to achieve that especially with all that God has blessed me with. To whom much is given , much is expected.

    Great post. I look forward to interacting more with you. God bless you !

    1. Hi Gertrude,

      Thank you for your visit. We definitely have to invest that time to hone our natural God-given talents and skills. Without nurturing our gifts and organizing our time to make room for the gift, we may lose them. Thanks for your comment Gertrude.


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