Monday, October 22, 2012


Typically the first word or image that comes to mind when we think about breast cancer is "woman" or "female." In my "Helping Children Cope With a Parent's Breast Cancer Diagnosis" post on Sunday, October 21st I addressed how parents can manage their children's awareness. Yet, on the other end of that spectrum we should also think of the men affected by the diagnosis. Breast cancer not only affects a woman but everyone within her precious circle...parents, siblings, children, family, friends, and of most importantly spouses. Men generally provide strength to a woman in challenging times, yet it is in challenging times such as this where they can become most vulnerable. They find strength in being able to provide for us, protect us, direct us, and have our backs no matter what comes. Yet, in the face of this deadly disease they began to feel powerless because they cannot battle this monster.

There is a support system for men who are managing their families and their loved one affected by this horrific disease. There is a nonprofit organization that empowers men to be caregivers of loved ones diagnosed with breast cancer and educate them on how to provide the support their loved ones need. The organization Men Against Breast Cancer (MABC) is the only national 501(c)(3) designed for this specific purpose. MABC offers regional and national workshops, conferences, and support groups to men to empower them to be effective caregivers to the women in their lives diagnosed with breast cancer and offer support and strength. They have also written a book as a survival guide for men to cope when their female loved one is diagnosed.

As women we are oftentimes in touch with our emotions and men are the logical ones. Yet, there are times when they cannot take anymore; there are times when women cannot offer the strength they need; there are times when they need someone who can understand their pain. This group appears to be that strength for men who have a loved one diagnosed with breast cancer. A group such as this is extremely important for men who are the caregivers in a breast cancer patient's life. I wanted to highlight this group tonight because it is wonderful to know that men have someone in their corner too, when they need that shoulder to lean on.

To learn more about MABC click the link below:

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